Cost Efficient

Car leasing is the most cost efficient way to drive a new car.  With upfront payments for a little as one monthly payment and low monthly payments in comparison to payments on PCP or a car loan.  Personal contract leasing is the most cost efficient way to obtain a new car.

You’ll Be Driving a Brand-New Car!

All cars leased through Car Lease Agent are brand new vehicles with delivery mileage only.

Road Tax

The annual road tax payments are paid for you by the leasing company.

New Car After New Car.

At the end of your lease, you simply hand back your current leased car at the end of the term and get a brand new vehicle on a new lease.


If your lease is a two or three years you wont have to worry about an MOT.

Fixed Costs Every Month

As your monthly costs are agreed when you take out your lease, you'll know exactly what your monthly payments will be.

No Depreciation Loss

Cars lose most of their value in the first three years. As you're leasing the car depreciation is not something you need to a factor you have to take into consideration when choosing your car.

No Selling Hassles

When your contract is over, all you have to do is hand back the keys.