When should you use short term vehicle leasing?

By Paul
When should you use short term vehicle leasing?

Short term lease solutions are ideal for businesses that are in start-up or growth phases. Short term lease agreements put you in control with plans that run from month to month or a short one-month commitment.

If your growing your business, particularly acquiring new staff then having flexible vehicle options for fleet can make or break your expansion plans. Being able to increase and decrease the size of your fleet on an ad-hoc basis can avoid unnecessary expenditure. Flexible leasing allows you to plan for your business growth whilst retaining the ability to make changes as required.

Using short term vehicle leasing can help in the following scenarios.

  • Cars for new sales staff/employees
    • Short term leasing over the lifetime of an employee’s, contract or probation period can alleviate any uncertainty about an employee’s future and allows you the opportunity to build the necessary costs into any targets.
  • Seasonal work force fluctuations
    • Busy during Christmas or over the summer and need to get people into the field? Short term leasing can be an awesome way to meet vehicle shortfall over short periods.
  • Considering a Company Car Policy
    • If you are considering a company car policy and aren’t certain of how long it will work or how many vehicles you will need, consider a shorter-term lease until you can find the amount of vehicles and type of vehicle combinations you need.

With lease terms starting from 1 month there are almost certainly packages out there to suit any requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be accepted even with adverse credit?

This depends on the lender, a lot of lenders will work on affordability rather than credit history, so there is almost certainly a lease out there for you.

How soon can I get a decision?

Most lenders or lease providers can get you a decision within a few hours, at most you will be waiting a day.

How can I prove I can afford it?

In cases where your credit history isn’t being considered you will need to prove that you can afford the lease. You can do that providing a variety of documents. You can provide:

  • Bank Statements
  • Payslips
  • An Accountants reference.

Are there any admin fees.

In most cases, you will be asked to pay an admin fee, particularly however if you are looking at the short term / poor credit leasing approaches. However, in the grand scheme of things they are often not too much. We charge a flat admin fee of £497+VAT regardless of the vehicle make and model, all our fees are clearly defined and there are no other hidden costs.

On some occasions you may be required to pay a refundable deposit on a vehicle, speak to your lease provider before you sign anything and ensure that its clear what the deposit is and how it will be held.

What about insurance?

In almost every circumstance you will be required to take out fully comprehensive insurance for your vehicle. If you are using the it for business purposes, you must remember to include that in the insurance documents.

How many vehicles can I lease?

As long as you can pass the affordability tests then you shouldn’t have any problem acquiring extra vehicles.

Will the vehicle be brand new?

Yes, we only help to supply brand new vehicles.

How long does the process take?

From application to you being behind the wheel will typically take on average 14-21 days, however if a vehicle is in stock, then the car could be with you within 48 hours.