Alfa Romeo Lease

Since being founded in 1910 by Alexandre Darracq Alfa Romeo have produced luxury cars. Originally known as Società Anonima Italiana Darracq (SAID), after time and with the hiring after Giuseppe Merosi to design new cars the name was changed to ALFA.

FCA Italy is the parent company of Alfa and Brits Engineering Industry is the subsidiary. With exquisite engines, eye-catching logos, distinctive grilles and designs, Alfa has not only produced some of the worlds most beautiful cars but has also provided extreme satisfaction to its customers. Alfa Romeo car designs always incorporate safety and advanced technological features with stunning looks and performance.

Apart from luxury cars, Alfa Romeo’s race cars which include the Alfetta the Alfasud and Alfa Romeo SZ are widely praised and famous in F1. With supportive front seats, powerful engine options, agile handling and classy design, Alfa Romeo has never failed to surprise its customers.

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