Bentley Lease

Bentley is world renowned for building top of the range premium automobiles. Founded by W.O Bentley in 1919, the company is known for using the finest material and exceptionally talented craftsmen. It has always been driven by extraordinary people too. Passionate youngsters who raced the cars in the 1920s encouraged Bentley to achieve the next level of engineering.

The 8 Litre was W.O. Bentley’s finest grand tourer. It was also the last car he designed for Bentley Motors in the year 1930. It was a totally silent 100mph car.

It is this history of exceptional craftsmanship that distinguishes the Bentley brand. Before the craftsmen begin their work, there is a vital procedure that makes a Bentley an unmatched luxury car: identifying and sourcing the finest quality of wood and exceptional leather that go to make the splendid interiors that are a distinguishing feature of Bentley automobiles.

Bentley offers highly customizable cars. There are materials other than wood which can be used as the interior of the car. Carbon fibre gives a feel of a sports car and this can also be coupled with shining metals such as titanium or copper, to give a striking look.

 Bentley equally emphasises performance. Driving a Bentley remains an unrivalled experience. The smooth responsive speed ensures a wonderful driving experience. Years of development led by Bentley’s engineers and test drivers have ensured that you can touch the upper limits of performance without any fear.

From selecting the material to the designing and engineering process, Bentley surely remains on top and accepts no compromise on its build quality.