BMW Lease

The special position that BMW enjoys in the Automobile market not only lies in its products and technology but also its history. The company was established in 1916 in Bavaria. Today BMW has over 31 production and assembly facilities in around 15 countries.

Innovation is a driving force for BMW. It has a brand name of being powerful and luxurious. It is among the exclusive car manufacturers with competitors such as Mercedes, GM and Toyota. BMW is concerned about sustainability and has started producing Electric/Hybrid vehicles.

The strong build structure and luxurious interior design give a stylish look to the car. A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and with a high degree of automation, BMW ensures the quality production of its cars.

Renowned models of BMW X4, BMW X3, BMW X7, BMW i3 and BMW i8 Roadster all depict the staggering design and unequalled beauty of BMW vehicles. In the year 2011, BMW founded a child branch of electric cars by the name of ‘BMW I'. The main objective of this branch was to design and develop state-of-the-art electric vehicles. The combined sales of models i3 and i8 reached 50,000 units in just under 2 years after they first manufactured.

BMW is still producing cars that fulfil the need for business executives and families at the same time. They are manufacturing plug-in electric and hybrids vehicles in large quantities. The company is determined to progress at a fast pace. It is at the forefront of producing executive electric car models.