Citroen Lease

Citroen is known globally for its highly technological and innovative car design, which was established in 1919 by Andre-Gustave Citroen but got a reputation in terms of technology after 1934.

It is a French-based automobile manufacturer with 101 years of experience and its control centres are located in Paris. It is famous because of its highly effective service and sales network which also complements the mass production of its motor cars. Citroen also has a good reputation in the UK because of its reliable, stylish and standardised cars. It has now become a part of Groupe PSA which is famous for manufacturing Vauxhall, Opel, DS and Peugeot cars.

Affordability and high performance along with energetic car design and safety are not compromised in Citroen cars. With pleasantly low repair costs it has also gained broad customer appeal. Citroen has also started to sell luxury cars in China since 1984 which has increased the sales of the manufacturer dramatically and helped to build it a global reputation.

The most recognised Citroen cars include Citroen 2-CV, H-Van, Traction Avant, DS, Mehari, SM, GT by Citroen and C4 WRC. With a range of family, luxurious and race cars the manufacturer has aced the global automobile industry and has provided tough competition to its rivals including SEAT, Volkswagen, KIA and Mercedes Benz. With more than 50 famous and iconic Citroens, the manufacturer has realised its innovation ambitions in the automobile sector.