Hyundai Lease

Hyundai is a popular brand of South-Korean Automobile manufacture and owns the world’s largest production facility. With well-equipped technology, Hyundai has established six research and development centres located in Germany, Japan, South Korea and India. Hyundai initially recruited skilled engineers and craftsmen from companies such as Austin Morris and BMW to build a specialised workforce that enabled Hyundai to achieve a run of unbelievable successes. The company launched the Hyundai Excel as its first model in the United States in 1986, the Hyundai Genesis was named as the North American Car of the year in 2009 and the Insurance Institute of America awarded the Hyundai Sonata as the most safety equipped car. In the year 1991, Hyundai went further and developed a completely electric car.

Currently, Hyundai has a wide range of hybrid-electric cars to fulfill various needs: the premium I-series which includes, economical i10 Hatchback, supermini i20, the premium i30 Estate, snazzy i30 Hatchback, exemplary i30 Fastback, electrifying Kona Hatchback, sumptuous Nexo Estate, SUV Tucson and the 4x4 Santa Fe SUV.

Hyundai interiors are highly advanced with a great range of enhancements and entertainment features supporting both Apple and Android compatibility with touchscreen a console. Fuel economy is maximized by pairing with market leading hybrid engine technology.