Lexus Lease

Toyota is the parent company of Lexus and it is also the division of F marque. Lexus was founded in 1983 by Eiji Toyota, while having the headquartered in Nagoya, Japan the company provides vehicles worldwide.

Lexus is the largest supplier of premium cars in Japan and also holds the 10th spot for being the largest Japanese global brand. Known for manufacturing high-performance luxury vehicles Lexus cars have won numerous awards including the most trusted brand award by Kelly Blue in 2017 and the Lexus RX was named as the most affordable, top-quality SUV by World Report and U.S. News in 2017.

While the cars feature ergonomic designs, Lexus is also famed for providing comfort and refinement to its customers. The engines manufactured by Lexus are renowned for their efficiency and reliability with durability and safety being key components in exterior design. With a range of hatchbacks, saloons and SUVs Lexus is one of the world’s most desirable car brands.