Mitsubishi Lease

Mitsubishi started in 1917 with the manufacture of the Model A before establishing itself as major producer for the non-commercial market. In the 1990s, the company introduced various models to satisfy a range of customer needs. Among them were the exceptionally successful Mitsubishi 4WD, the RVR saloon-type RV, the Diamante hardtop, the Mini Toppo height-wagon, and the Pajero Mini.

In the 2000s, the company entered the crossover SUV market with the introduction of the Airtek. More recently, Mitsubishi continued its launched its first range of electric vehicles, the iMiEV. There is a wide variety of choice from the Mitsubishi catalogue: The spacious ASX Estate, Eclipse cross Hatchback, the powerful L200 Pick Up, flexible Mirage Hatchback, the ingenious Outlander SUV and functionally stylish Shotgun Sport SUV.

Mitsubishi has expanded to provide its vehicles all over the world. The Mistsubishi brand continues to grow in popularity as customers recognize it for producing highly desirable, durable and affordable cars.