Subaru Lease

In the automotive industry, Subaru is a legend. Founded in 1953 by Kenji Kita in Japan the company is renowned for producing highly advanced and efficient vehicles which not only ensure driving excellence but comfort, reliability and enjoyment.

Part of Fuji Heavy Industry, Subaru cars are famous worldwide for their heritage in off-road rallying, their team having dominated the field for decades. Traditionally the on-road brand Subaru has been popular among a dedicated core of buyers but Subaru has attracted a new following by making its sports cars more affordable but has also revolutionised traditional car designs for everyday use. Subaru has customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada as well as Asia.

With exceptionally efficient fuel consumption and cutting-edge technology Subaru leads its competitors in providing innovative diesel-based and hybrid electrical vehicles. Notable models include the Subaru Forester, Subaru Ascent and Subaru BRZ and have shaped the brand image of Subaru globally.