Vauxhall Lease

Founded in 1857 by Alexander Wilson, Vauxhall is the oldest car and commercial vehicle manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

Renowned for efficient, high quality build design in the consumer Vauxhall produces its commercial vehicle under the Bedford brand. For more than two decades, Vauxhall has maintained its position as the second-largest automaker in the UK and exports its vehicles worldwide.

The parent company of Vauxhall is Opel Automobile GmbH, and VXR and GSi are the divisions of Vauxhall company. In addition to producing a range of attractive, functional and affordable cars Vauxhall also produced Britain’s first sports car, supported the nations Armed forces in both world wars and continues to produce innovations in manufacturing, design and efficiency to this day. Popular ranges of the Vauxhall brand include the Astra, Corsa, Combo, Crossland, Insignia, Vivaro, Movano, and the Grand land.