Maintenance Questions

  • You get scheduled services.
  • Qualified and approved garages and technicians are there for your car.
  • Electrical and mechanical repairs as well as replacements.
  • Covers all replacement and repairable parts required by the fair wear and tear guidelines.
  • MOTs.
  • Standard breakdown cover is offered in your lease contract but with this package you get additional breakdown benefits such as European breakdown assistance.
  • Easy management process.
  • The pick-up and return of you vehicle is free to your home or work.
  • Saves cost and the running costs of the car are also low.
  • When there is a tire puncture, accidental damage, or when the tread depth is under 2mm, tires will be replaced.

For this, you have to consult your service book. In some vehicles, service will be due when a service light appears on the dashboard. However, there are other cases too. It might be that service will be due when you reach a specific mileage or just annually.

You can take your car to any of the manufacturer’s approved UK-based dealerships. You can book-in by using the number given to you.

What is car leasing?

Car leasing is somewhat similar to renting. You use a specific vehicle of your choice for fixed period of time (usually between 2-4 years) for an agreed monthly fee. Your contract will be ready-made based on annual mileage, the length of the contract, and also how you'd like your payments to be structured. When the lease ends, the vehicle is returned, and you can lease again.

Can I have a personalised number plate on a leased vehicle?

It is possible if you get permission from your finance company since they are the registered owners of the vehicle. If they agree, you need to follow the procedure provided by them and pay the fee for it. Don't forget to arrange for your number plate to be removed at the end of the lease!

Where do Car Lease Agent get their cars from?

We work with most of the major dealer networks and independent dealers to source your vehicle. We have access to most of the vehicle stock in the UK, both on dealers forecourts, and vehicles en-route into the country.

My credit rating is not good. Will I still be able to lease a car?

To evaluate your credit strength and how risky your credit status it, you'll have to go through a credit check. Having a poor credit score might not prevent you from leasing a car, but you may have to go a funder specialising in poor credit ratings.

Do I need to be employed in order to lease a car?

It is not necessary for you to be employed. However, you must be receiving some income or benefits such as pensions and disability allowances to prove that you can afford the monthly payments.

How much money can I borrow?

It all depends on your credit score, the size of the deposit you want to put down, and also your ability to re-pay.

What is and isn't included in my contract?

Your contract includes free delivery in UK mainland, breakdown cover, full manufacturer's warranty, and road tax. It does not include fuel, motor insurance, service and maintenance unless you have a maintenance package, and repairs.

Do vehicles come with a warranty?

Yes, they do. All our vehicles come with a 36-months warranty or even longer. For more details, you should contact your vehicle manufacturer.

Does the price include insurance?

Yes, they do. All our vehicles come with a 36-months warranty or even longer. For more details, you should contact your vehicle manufacturer.

Will I be charged for delivery?

No, delivery is free in UK mainland. You'll only be charged if the vehicle is delivered outside the mainland or you have requested for a transporter.

Can I collect my vehicle?

The option for customer collection of your vehicle is not provided by most dealerships and manufacturers.

How many sets of keys will I be given?

You will be given two sets of keys.