Dacia Duster gets midlife update

23rd Jun 2021

Dacia Duster gets midlife update

Dacia have unveiled the mid-life update to their Duster range, which has been lightly restyled in the same manner as its smaller sibling the Sandero. The exterior teaks and changes have been minimal with new Duster sporting Y-Shaped LED head lamps, LED indicators and a chrome grille as the only real differences between the facelift and the original.

Most of the improvements to the Duster have been made either under the bonnet or in the cabin, with a new look interior, new gearbox options and revised engine line-up. Two new infotainment systems are part of the line-up both with eight-inch touchscreens and Apple CarPlay options. The all-wheel drive Dusters will also include some nifty little off-roader style pieces such as an inclinometer, an altimeter, and a compass. Increase storage capacity in the storage compartment and USBs for the rear passengers are also thrown in.

The improvements have been driven from Dacia’s close work with its existing Duster customer base, getting extensive feedback from its current driver cohort to drastically improve the Duster’s usability and appeal to its target market. This has led to other tweaks such as a sliding arm rest over the centre console and a host of driver aids that include surround cameras, hill start assists, blind spot monitoring and hill descent control if for some reason you decide that your Duster is in fact a Land Rover defender. Dacia has put a lot of effort into getting the little things right for its customers.

The new engines offer improved CO2 emissions and improvements in performance with new sets of 15-inch and 16-inch aero dynamic wheels, running gear and a 6-speed gear box offering paired with a new double clutch. There are significant improvements to its LPG offering but these don’t affect the UK market to any great extent.

The improved Duster is available from Summer 2021 for what is likely to be a bit of a bargain considering the level of equipment that now comes with the Duster. Prices are expected to start from £12,000.