Does car leasing include repairs?

9th Aug 2021

Does car leasing include repairs?

The best thing about car leasing is that you have the opportunity to drive away a brand-new vehicle without the high costs. All you need is to pass the credit checks, agree your leasing terms and commit to fixed monthly payments.

While some leasing providers may offer second-hand cars, you’re more likely to find a model that’s less than three years old. As such, the car will have low mileage, be under warranty, and not require an MOT until you’ve had it for more than three years.

What comes with a standard leasing package?

As the bare minimum, a business or a personal car lease will give you:

• A brand-new car with the manufacturer’s warranty

• Fixed monthly payments

• No road tax (for personal users) or reduced VAT (for business users).

If you’re looking for anything else, for example insurance, fuel or maintenance, you’ll need to take out an extra package.

Is maintenance on a lease worth it?

You might be thinking, “if I’m getting a brand-new car, why do I need added maintenance?”. True enough, it’s unlikely that your car will suffer the same faults as an older car, but a maintenance package can provide extra assurance at a relatively low cost.

For less than three figures per month (depending on the vehicle and lease contract time), you can benefit from a whole range of extras to keep your lease car in the best condition.

What is included in a car leasing maintenance package?

As part of Car Lease Agent’s maintenance package, we offer the following benefits:

• Scheduled services, the dates of which you can check in your service book, or look for reminders on the dashboard

• Access to high quality garages and technicians as recommended by the manufacturer’s chosen dealerships

• Electrical and mechanical repairs

• Replacement and repairable parts, as required by the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guidelines

• MOTs (if your car passes three years of age during your contract)

• Standard breakdown cover plus additional benefits including European breakdown assistance

• Tyre replacement for punctures, accidental damage or a tread depth of less than 2mm

• Free return and pick-up.

What are the benefits of choosing a maintenance package?

Whether you’re logging high mileage or just want to be extra cautious, the benefits of a maintenance package far outweigh the additional cost.

For example, as standard, a leasing package does not come with insurance. It is your responsibility to arrange insurance (unless you agree an added package). If you do have an accident, you may have to pay for small repairs which could be covered by your maintenance package.

Some drivers may sign up to high mileage contracts, which not only put your vehicle at higher risk of wear and tear, but also increase the likelihood of accidents, damage or theft.

If you’re travelling internationally, for example for work, the last thing you need is to break down and be stuck without help. Our breakdown packages will provide roadside assistance to get you moving.

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