Renault to bring back legendary model

7th Jul 2021

Renault to bring back legendary model

Renault are reviving the legendary Renault 5 name from 2024, as part of Renault’s plan to rejuvenate its fortunes. The new car is estimated to cost around £18500 when it hits the market a saving of over £9000 compared to a current entry level Zoe.

Renault are hoping to push over 33% of its car sales into the electric market by 2025 and the new 5 is being released to compliment a renewed 4 model to be dubbed the 4ever. The new 5 will take loads of designed cues from the old pre-clio model and I think we can all agree it looks EPIC!

The all new Renault 5 was revealed as part of the “Renaultution” strategic plan to have 30% of all Renault sales be electric cars by 2025. The concept takes loads of design cues from the R5 turbo version with red detailing and stripes and wider rear wheel arches. The 1972 original was part of the first wave of superminis and was a true innovator in the market and one of the markets strongest contenders.

All new battery technology will significantly improve the cost of ownership and the new slimmer battery design will mean the new Renault 5 doesn’t need to be as tall as other electric cars which means it can keep a closer resemblance to the classic Renault 5 look. It will charge at up to 130 kW also so it should spend less time at the charging station. The EV charging point will be front mounted in the radiator grille.

No details have been released as to interior specification and options available and interior shots of the prototype were pretty limited but its safe to bet it will follow Renault’s usual approach of being absolutely loaded with technology. Renault are hoping that reinventing this cult classic will light a fire under their entire brand and send their sales figures into the stratosphere.