Introducing the inaugural World EV Day

9th Sep 2020

Introducing the inaugural World EV Day

A world-leading automation group has joined forces with a media company to launch the inaugural World EV Day on Wednesday 9th September.

Green.TV will lead the media campaigns while ABB will take the steer on raising awareness of electric vehicles. The aim of the day is to ask drivers to commit to an online pledge – to make their next car an electric vehicle. The move will likely be welcomed by both the government and car manufacturers, the latter of whom are investing more into hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Meanwhile, the government continues to reward those who drive or lease environmentally friendly cars. For example, Benefit in Kind tax is greatly reduced for business leasing.

What to expect from World EV Day

Green.TV will lead the way with several social media campaigns extolling the virtues of electric vehicles. In tandem, both ABB and Green.TV will share content with their online partners, and will host the EV Summit later on this year to bring the world’s e-mobility leaders together.

The EV Summit is a series of online events taking place on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th December. It will feature panel discussions and talks, such as:

  • Employment and the Green Recovery panel discussion
  • EV Trucks – What is the road to electric trucking? online talk

More events will be listed as we edge closer to World EV Day, so watch out for updates here.

Making the change

You can learn more about the benefits of electric vehicles by accessing the content hub at the World EV Day website.
In the meantime, if you’d like to join the pledge but are concerned about the costs of all-new electric vehicles, you may want to consider leasing instead. Here are just a few of our favourite electric models:

Need to know more about the cost savings that come with electric cars? Speak to our leasing agents today.